Monday, February 2, 2015

2014: Look back, Look forward

Dearest Readers,

Thanks for a lovely year. In case you missed it, I posted hundreds of new photos in 2014, including highlights from my first wedding photography gig, first two engagements, first family portrait shoot, and first concert gig. You let me know that the daily postings were less exciting than posting groups and series all at once, so I'm working to group work more and leak one photo at a time less. 

Looking back, I am pleased as punch with the past year. Just when I feel like my photography practice is growing too slowly, I realize that in fact I've made bounds of progress in the past twelve months. I have learned more about the technical craft of photograph, using my histogram and highlight feedback (ok, I really dove into that this January, but who's counting), leveraging my ISO settings and figuring out the best way to shoot indoors. 

Looking forward, I am beyond excited for what 2015 could bring. I hope to finish my new logo project with a graphic designer friend in the coming month or two, and hope to redesign this year. I'm also pursuing as many people-photography opportunities as I can find, be they events, portraits, concerts or anything else.

As always, all my work is for sale. Most of my favorites are posted in my etsy shop, but if you want any print that isn't in my etsy shop yet, just ping me and I'll post it for you to purchase.

Much love to you all, and happiest of new years!


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