Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eight Things I Learned from Shooting Portraits This Weekend

1. Don't leave your ISO on 100. Set it to automatic, up to 200 or 400. I forgot this on Friday, but remembered on Saturday. Made a huge difference in the amount of exposure adjustment needed.
2. Zoom out more than you think you need to - this should help you always get the baby's feet in the photo when you're shooting quick. Definitely didn't do that, and could have gotten some great shots from it.
3. When shooting babies, bring a toy, your keys, and at least one solid color blanket. Ask the parents in advance how to best hold the baby's attention, and rope them in to help. They may be brilliant at this already, like the parents I worked with on Saturday :)
4. Scout your location at least an hour before your subjects arrive, and have at least 3 shooting locations in mind. I'm giving myself partial credit on this one, and realize now that it's even more important than I thought.
5. Solid colors are ideal for subject clothing. Textures are great, but keep the color monochromatic. Patterns can work, but simple trumps multicolor. This is intuitive to some people, like my Friday crew.
6. Be ready for serendipity.
7. Don't block traffic.
8. The Find My Friends app is basically the best ever.

Hey - will you be in NYC in September? 

If so, you should totally let me take your portrait. It's free for another month, then I'm planning to start "pay what you can" portraits in October.

Email me, we'll get something set up.

Seriously. Who doesn't want free pictures? Let's do it! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Engagement: Elan and Naomi

I'm so honored my friend Elan roped me in on his engagement today! I got to be there for the actual proposal, hiding behind a shrubbery (ha!), and from there we wandered through Central Park Conservatory Garden and the Upper East Side, snapping photos and admiring the ring. That's how all engagements should go, right?

Congratulations to you both!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Splash! III

Part of this series
I know. this is such a #tbt - it's been sitting in my draft box too long :) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Looking Forward

This is what the next five years look like. 
Some clarity, but mostly too blurred to make out yet.